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  * William F. (Bill) Jolitz named ExecProducer CEO. William Jolitz,
  * co-creator of 386BSD and the "Father of Berkeley Unix Open Source"
  * now prevalent around the world, has been named Chief Executive Officer
  * of ExecProducer. William is as famous in business circles for the companies he's
  * founded as for his technical work in pioneering 386BSD and open source, both on his
  * own and at Berkeley. William F. (Bill) Jolitz career resume.
business_execproducer("Jolitz named CEO", "March 2003");

  * William Jolitz discusses how to conduct Open Source Projects
  * without inheriting or inducing Intellectual Property claims
  * in a webcast (for those with dialups) or [ram].
  * Introduction by Bill Selmeier, originally made on
  * June 17, 2003, only available in Real format.
  * The presentation can be obtained here.
business_os_talk("Jolitz on Open Software Development","June 2003");

  * Lynne Jolitz CTO of ExecProducer has written
  * a well-received paper on her work with UC Berkeley
  * as part of yearlong trials of massive video production.
  * The ACE2004 Massive Video Production paper describes the trials
  * and technology used. Lynne received an alumni award in October 2003
  * for her work on behalf of her department.
classic_ace2004_paper("ACE2004 MVP paper", "April 2004");

  * Lynne Jolitz CTO of ExecProducer, has received a granted patent
  * Term Addressable Memory of an Accelerator System and Method.
  * The patent describes an improved term addressable memory which includes
  * a mechanism for performing predetermined plurality of pattern matches
  * of packets to classify them for use with stateful protocol processing
  * units that can resolve session data spread across multiple data
  * packets and process them for the ultimate destination. In a term
  * addressable memory, redundant terms are recorded with a single memory
  * entry. Two classes of terms are used to match packet addresses and
  * application ports, as well as a much smaller session CAM that matches
  * the aggregate match of all terms to a specific session.
lynne_jolitz_patent("Term memory patent", "August 2004");

  * Lynne Jolitz CTO of ExecProducer, writes about the role of copyright
  * and fair use on the Internet discussed in the book "Free Culture"
  * by Larry Lessig of Stanford Law School. The book review, appearing
  * in the September 2004 edition of Dr. Dobbs Journal, is discussed in
  * Lynne Jolitz DDJ Review of Lessig Free Culture.
review_lessig("Lessig Free Culture", "September 2004");

  * William Jolitz and Lynne Jolitz
  * talk about 386BSD in a series of videos found at 386BSD Design Video's, including
  * "Configuration Story" [mp4 m3u qtl] and "Detective Story".
  * More as time/interest/requests permits.
videosdesign("386BSD Design Videos", "September 2005");